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Words Of Comfort and Recovery

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Dear Friend,

Life can be disappointing and painful at times, but there is hope. Mental Health illnesses or Substance use disorders can affect people from every background and culture, and can occur at any age. The experience of trauma could be a precursor to alcohol and substance use disorders. No Individual or family should have to bear the stigma of these challenges or suffer inadequate or insufficient treatment. Recovery can happen with effective and timely treatment, prevention, early intervention, education, training, support, inclusiveness, hope and empowerment. Many persons have learned to man age their illness and are doing well in their recovery. San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services is committed to provide respectful and excellent specialty mental health and substance use disorder services. We will empower you to help you realize your strengths and resiliencies so that you can take personal responsibility to regain control of your life. We have peer Support Specialists who can walk beside you on the path to recovery. We invite you, your family and friends to be actively involved in your treatment. Also, there are individuals with lived experience who will be glad to talk with you. Together we can promote healing and comfort for the mind, body and spirit. You are the reason we are here.