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Consumer Rights

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rightsDuring their recovery period, clients sometimes lose confidence in themselves because they have been evaluated or treated for mental or emotional problems. It is hard for them to remember that they are respected members of the community and have the same rights and privileges they have always had.

Do you need help with a problem?

You or your representative can ask for help if at any time you feel that your rights are being denied. If you are unable to resolve problems with your service provider, you may file a complaint or grievance. For details about how to file a complaint, see Suggestions & Complaints or call one of the helpers.

Culture and Language

San Joaquin County is well known for its ethnic and cultural diversity. It is our intention to serve all ethnic and cultural groups in a manner responsive to their cultural and language needs. If you feel that we are not living up to these guidelines, please contact us through our Administrative Services number, (209)468-8750.

Basic Consumer Rights

As a client, you have the right to timely access to appropriate, culturally sensitive mental health services.
Additional, you have the right to:

  • Be treated with respect.

  • Request services at times and places convenient to you, and in your preferred language.

  • Know about your mental condition, available treatment options and costs, medications and their benefits or side effects, and counseling options.

  • To have medication and prescriptions explained by a doctor, nurse or pharmacist.

  • To refuse to take back your consent for therapy, medication or other forms of treatment at any time.

  • Get answers to your service related questions.

  • Be part of the decisions about your treatment.

  • Request a change of therapist or second opinion.

  • Request access to your records.

  • Expect that your records are kept confidential and that information will not be released without your permission unless specifically allowed by law.

  • Make a complaint or grievance if you are not satisfied with your services or a staff person.

  • Choose another person to act for you in solving grievances.

If you have Med-Cal, you may file for a State Fair Hearing at any time before, during or after a disagreement without using county Consumer Problem Resolution Procedures.


Peer Advocates

Consumer who assist other consumers in the satisfactory resolution of service related complaints. Peer Advocates are available to assist adults and older adults.
Phone: (209)468-8878

Parent Advocates

Parents who assist caregivers of children and adolescents who need assistance with service related issues.
Phone: (209)468-2241

Consumer Advocates, Inpatient

Staff members who provide support and assistance to inpatients.
Phone: (209)468-8662

Family Advocate

Gayle Phone: (209)468-3755

Patient's Rights Advocate

Representative with the responsibility of assuring the rights of all clients.
Jonah Salerno (209)468-8676
Fax: (209)468-2399

Consumer Advisory Council (CAC)

The Consumer Advisory Council is a volunteer group of consumers, family members, mental health staff and other advocates who assist with complaint resolution.
Jennie Montoya, Chairperson
Phone: (209)468-8486

Administrative Services

Phone: (209)468-8750