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MHSA Stakeholder Steering Committee Meeting Schedule

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Sections Descriptions
Table of Contents (PDF)
Executive Summary (PDF)
Map (PDF)
Overview (PDF)
Part I Section I County/Community Public Planning & Plan review Process Plan Process (PDF)
Section II Plan Review (PDF)
Part II Section I Program and Expenditure Plan Requirements Identifying Community Issues Related to Mental Illness & Resulting from Lack of Community Services and Supports (PDF)
Section II Analyzing Mental Health Needs in the Community (PDF)
Section III Identifying Initial Populations for Full Service Plans (PDF)
Section IV Identifying Strategies (PDF)
Section V Assessing Capacity (PDF)
Section VI Developing Work Plans with Timeframes and Budgets/Staffing (PDF)
Part II Exhibit 1 Required Exhibits Program and Expenditure Plan Face Sheet (PDF)
Exhibit 2 Community Services and Supports Program Workplan Listing (PDF)
Exhibit 3 Full Service Plan Population Overview (PDF)
Full Budget (PDF)
One Time Only Costs (PDF)
Exhibit 4 Workplans & Budgets
Child and Youth FSP-1 (PDF)
Black Awareness Community Outreach Program FSP-2 (PDF)
La Familia FSP-3 (PDF)
SEARS ? Southeast Asian Recovery Services FSP-4 (PDF)
Forensic Full Service Partnership Court Program FSP-5 (PDF)
GOALS ? Gaining Older Adult Life Skills FSP-6 (PDF)
The Wellness Center SD-1 (PDF)
Community MHSA Consortium SD-2 (PDF)
Housing Empowerment and Employment Recovery Services SD-3 (PDF)
Community Behavioral Intervention Services SD-4 (PDF)
24/7/365 Community Response Team SD-5 (PDF)
Co-Occurring Residential Treatment Program SD-6 (PDF)
Exhibit 5a, 5b, & 5c Administrative Budget Worksheet (PDF)
Exhibit 6 Three-Year Plan-Quarterly Progress Goals & Report (PDF)
Attachments Definitions (PDF)
Community Meeting Flyers, English & Spanish (PDF)
PowerPoint for Community Meetings, English & Spanish (PDF)
Community Meeting Summary, August 18, 2005 (PDF)
Join A Workgroup Flyer (PDF)
Schedule of Workgroup Meetings (PDF)
Adult Workgroup Meeting Summary, September 29, 2005 (PDF)
BACOP ? First 90-Days Model ? Current Consumer (PDF)
BACOP ? First 90-Days Model ? New Consumer (PDF)
Notice of Public Review (PDF)
Public Comment Forms, English, Hmong, Vietnamese, Spanish, and Cambodian (PDF)
Meeting Summary, April 24, 2006, Public Comments (PDF)
Public Comment Compilation via Website, Fax & Hand Delivered (PDF)
Meeting Summary, April 27, 2006, MHSA Stakeholder Steering Committee (PDF)
Letters of Support from the Community (PDF)
Newspaper Articles (PDF)
Summary of Community Data (PDF)