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San Joaquin County uses MHSA funds to offer new programs and services

At San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services (BHS) we believe that individuals with serious mental illnesses can live meaningful lives within their communities. Since the advent of the Mental Health Services Act (MHSA) in 2004, BHS has significantly expanded the services and supports that are clinically shown to reduce suffering and help individuals live fuller and more productive lives.


Treatment Works!

Mental health affects everyone. About half the population will experience a mental health concern during the course of their lifetime. Serious mental illness affects about four percent of adults in the United States — across all income, geographic and ethnic backgrounds. And the tragic consequences of untreated mental illness remain fresh in our minds.


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Mental Health Matters - 2015
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Caring for the mental health needs of San Joaquin County residents.


The vision of San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services is to collaborate as a resilient team exploring changes, sharing ideas, striving to empower consumers, families, volunteers and care providers toward building hope, addressing disparities, and fostering wellness and recovery through individual strength-based treatment.


The personal commitment of every individual contributes to the overall success and integrity of the organization, creating a caring, positive, fiscally responsible and productive environment.


The mission of San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services is to partner with the community to provide integrated, culturally and linguistically competent mental health and substance abuse services to meet the prevention, intervention, treatment and recovery needs of San Joaquin County residents.

Crisis Intervention

Crisis intervention is a service to enable a consumer to cope with a crisis, while maintaining functioning as a community member to the greatest extent possible.

Job Openings

Find out job openings that are available for Permanent Positions and Temporary Positions in the San Joaquin County Behavioral Health Services.

Words of Comfort

Life can be disappointing and painful at times, but there is hope. Many of our clients have learned to manage their illnesses and are doing well.


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